There are two types of ECU REMAP


 1. We can improve your Vehicles horse power by up

to 35% and Torque by 50%

2. We can improve your vehicles fuel economy by up to

15% with a smaller horse power increase


All of our REMAPS are custom made for

the individual vehicles ECU


We will only REMAP a vehicle within the safe

limits of the vehicles capabilities

All of our Remaps have a money back guarantee

if your not completely satisfied with the Results!!!

The Benefits of Remapping a Vehicle are

BHP increase
Torque increase
Improved Driveability
Great MPG Savings




Car or Van Remap via on board

diagnostics port (99% OF CARS VANS)



Car or Van Chip Remap on older vehicles that

require a new chip soldering into the ECU




Car or Van Remap that requires the ECU to

be manually removed and programmed




We are based in Preston Lancashire

Mobile Service also available North West Area

Additional call out fee may apply



Please Contact us for more information

Or for Quotation for Remapping your Vehicle



TEL: 07771197826 / 07449387468